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Meet Lia Danielle

“Over my lifetime, I have launched several successful businesses and I have had the opportunity to coach several individuals.

My combined passion of educating and empowering people as well as all aspects of the beauty industry has lead me to create this amazing online course.

Everything you need in this convenient fun course!”

-CEO, Lia Danielle

Our CEO, Lia Danielle, has always had a passion for both education and beauty. With her M.A. in education and a B.S. in business, as well as her experience as a master cosmetology trainer, Lia Danielle dedicates her life to teaching aspiring lash artists and entrepreneurs how to come into their own, and achieve long-term success.

Most of our clients come to us because they are ready to kick-start their careers. We’ve noticed that the lash certification classes around the country often only last a day or two, and they cannot possibly answer all of the questions new lash artists may have. Our program is much more in-depth: We assign multiple projects and quizzes over an eight-week period, allowing you to dive into the material and ask questions throughout. This program currently meets many state’s regulation standards, allowing you to apply for your license with confidence.

Get your lashes done with Lia Danielle or receive the necessary training to do the application yourself. Our only goal at the end of the day is to teach you proper lash application and strategic business practices so you can thrive in your new company.

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Founder and CEO Lia Danielle has a background in both teaching and cosmetology.


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