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Become a Lash Artist

Did you know that most states require eyelash extension artists to complete 320 hours of coursework? Yet, the typical course only lasts 1-3 days. That math just doesn’t add up.

However, at Lia Danielle Lashes, we offer an information-packed, eight-week course that meets and exceeds most state requirements.

Our Course Includes:

●     320 hours of hands-on practice and theory

●     A fully stocked kit, complete with a lash-application bed and stool

●     Lifetime membership to our exclusive Lia Danielle Lashes Facebook group

●     Lifetime access to your online course materials and any updates

●     Lifetime support, live coaching opportunities, and Q&A sessions

●     Free access to hands-on group training workshops

●     Referral rewards (earn $60-$150 per referral)


Choose between online-only training or online training with live coaching to make the most of your time. Our online-only course is perfect for those who already have some experience with lash extension application, while our training with live coaching option was designed for those who have little to no background in this art.

Rise to the challenge and provide incredible results for your clients.


Get stunning eyelash extensions that last for weeks when you choose Lia Danielle Lashes.


Take control of your career while providing unparalleled beauty to your clients. Sign up now.


Founder and CEO Lia Danielle has a background in both teaching and cosmetology.


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