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Eyelash Services

Whether you struggle with sparse, short, or light lashes, there is hope for a beautiful transformation. Lift, darken, and thicken your lashes with eyelash services from Lia Danielle Lashes. Whether you want to brighten your appearance or simply eliminate the need for mascara in your daily routine, lash extensions are the perfect way to reach your desired look. These lashes are safe and comfortable, allowing you to feel as though they are natural.

Embrace thicker, fuller lashes that last for weeks. Lia Danielle is a licensed cosmetologist and lash artist. Under her experienced hands, you’ll receive attentive care and incredible results that’ll leave you looking and feeling your best. We use only the highest quality materials combined with tried-and-true application techniques to ensure you are delighted with the way your lashes look.

From start to finish, we believe in providing our clients with quality care and even better results. Let us know what sort of look you hope to achieve, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure we hit the mark every time.

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Special Offers:

Full Set of Eyelash Extensions - $59

Full Set of Eyelash Extensions & 2 Infills - $150

Available Lash Services:

Full Lash Sets

Classic Eyelash Extensions Full Set (2 hrs 30 min) - $100

2 week infill (1 hr 15 min) - $50

3 week infill (1 hr 45 min) - $75

(Coming Soon!) Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Full Set (3 hrs) - $120

2 wk infill (1 hr 30 min) - $60

3 wk infill (2 hrs) - $90

Volume Eyelash Extensions Full Set (3 hrs) - $160

2 wk infill (2 hrs) - $80

3 wk infill (2 hrs 30 min) - $120

Russian Volume Full Set (3 hrs 15 min) - $180

2 wk infill (2 hrs) - $90

3 wk infill (2 hrs 30 min) - $135

Other Lash Services

Bottom Lash extensions (45 min) - $40

Lash Extensions Bath (15 min) - $25

Lash Extensions Removal (30 min) - $35

3D Strip Lashes (30 min) - $25

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